My name is Cheria.

I grew up, and spent half of my young adult life living zigzagging within Southeast Asia and Down Under.

I have a solid academic and professional background in Communications, majoring in Marketing Public Relations,

and Humanities postgraduate studies,

which I have completed at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.

"Home" has always been an uneasy concept to me, and my understanding of home is,

that it is a place I can connect with on a spiritual level.

I believe that it has less to do with one's default label that has been assigned to at birth, such as nationality, religion, caste, etc.

Growing up with the Eastern Diet - which is rich in whole grains, veggies, fruits, legumes, and occasional seafood -

makes my transition from a pescatarian into a full-time plant-based eater pretty effortless.

 I have chosen the path of compassion to self and others, including conscious plant-based diet, and welcoming mutually-nurturing relationships into my life. I have walked away from a toxic chapter of my life.

That was a turning point of my life that has brought me back to my core, as well as finding my passion in holistic wellness.


I believe in respecting my body as the temple that houses my soul.

Compassion for self and other sentient beings should be reflected onto how we nourish our body through food we eat, products we use, exercise we do - and our soul through meditation, travels, books we read, and people we deliberately surround ourselves with. 

This site is made to merge my expertise, my passion, and my admiration towards my spiritual place The Land of The Rising Sun.

The Japanese organic beauty care products have been carefully handpicked by me. They are all plant-based and vegan, meaning they are not tested on animals.


Apart from that, I also am available to help people practice yoga and pranayama, as well as be an advocate for sustainable plant-based living through various ways possible; eco-fashion, plant-based nutrition, and other good causes.


I hope you can benefit from this.